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Quotes My husband and I were driving to Summerville from Charlotte, NC when our Jaguar started to act up. Since we just arrived in Summerville at 4PM on a Tuesday we thought for sure we wouldn't find anyone who would be willing to look at, diagnose then fix our car by the time we had to leave the next day. German Auto Repair lived up to their reputation and really helped us out! We called at 4PM and they agreed to let us go ahead and drop off the car. They promised to look at it first thing the next morning since they knew we had to get back to Charlotte. One of the mechanics even gave my husband a ride back to our hotel out of kindness. They stayed true to their word and had our car fixed by noon the next day. They really saved the day and kept us from being stranded in SC! I would recommend them to anyone. They were absolutely wonderful- oh, and the car is doing great now! Quotes
Suzanne A.
German Auto Repair Saved the Day

Quotes I took my BMW to German Auto Repair to have many things fixed. I had them replace my water pump, timing belt and radiator. I felt they were very fair in the prices to fix my car; considering the labor time it would also take to change everything. The people that work there are great; friendly and helpful. They really tried to save me some money. They offered to put in a rebuilt water pump to help cut down on costs, rather than going with a brand new one which would be more expensive. They also included a 12,000 mile 12 month warranty on all the parts I had replaced. Thank You German Auto Repair! Quotes
Carla M.
Extremely Satisfied Customer

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